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Buque Samsung con Pila de Combustible

Samsung Heavy Industries Samsung Heavy Industries 20.165 seguidores 4 días #SamsungSHI has developed the world’s first #LNG carrier that operates on fuel cells without an engine ! ✌🎉✨ We have succeeded in developing an LNG carrier powered by Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) in collaboration with #BloomEnergy and obtained basic design approval (AIP) from #DNV on July 1, 2021. The fuel cell-powered LNG carrier replaces the ship’s propulsion engine with SOFC using naturally vaporized LNG, eliminating the need for internal combustion engines as well as various devices using oil. As a result, no harmful substances such as sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are generated, and greenhouse gas (CO2) can be greatly reduced, making it an eco-friendly ship that can effectively respond to stringent environmental regulations. We plan to conduct a demonstration test at the LNG pilot facility built at the Geoje Shipyard and launch a full-scale marketing campaign for global Clients. Furthermore, we are studying the possibility to extend our new concept of green technology for offshore facilities! 🙌 Jeong Ho-hyeon, Head of Samsung Heavy Industries Technology Development division, said, “The fuel cell-powered vessel is a new concept that can dramatically reduce emissions as well as noise, vibration and maintenance costs by replacing the internal combustion engine with fuel cells. We will lead the international standardization of the system.” #energy #renewableenergy #offshore #lngc #bloomenergy #dnv #fuelcell #LNG #LNGC


  • Asmanave
  • Asmanave es un organismo autónomo, con estatutos propios y carácter regional para desarrollar actividades en las tres provincias vascas. Fundada formalmente en 1976, sus recursos financieros provienen fundamentalmente de las cuotas de sus asociados.


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