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To be associated with the academic qualifications required degree or diploma in Naval Engineering and the professional title of Chief Engineer of the Merchant Navy engineer officer or Merchant Marine.

The partners perform their job functions in the ships and plenty of activities on land, with a high degree of responsibility, such as Shipping Inspectors, Home Inspectors classification, maintenance Headquarters prestigious companies, Headquarters assembly and delivery of buqes in shipyards, safety inspections, experts fault in different positions of state enterprises, control towers and air shipping, such as self-employed, etc..

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  • Asmanave
  • Asmanave is an autonomous organization with its own statutes and developing regional activities in the three Basque provinces. Officially founded in 1976, its financial resources come mainly from the contributions of its partners.


    Asociación Profesional de Ingenieros Marinos

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    Phone: 94 447 74 26 - 688 81 85 06