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  • Antiguedad de Asmanave

    Asmanave was founded in 1976

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    The association has its own statutes and developes regional activities

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    It is a non-profit organization

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    It is registered in the Federation of Marine Engineers


The Professional Association of Marine Engineers was founded by an act Naval in Bilbao 23 - II-1976 to benefit from the Law 19/1977 of 1/IV, constituting indefinitely. It has its own statutes, with full autonomy and regional character to organize their activities in the Basque provinces: Alava, Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya.


Founded non-profit its financial resources come from contributions of its members and donations that may be granted. The association already had important presence in the early twentieth century.


There is evidence of its founding document in the years 1928-29, deeply involved with International Labour Organization in Geneva.



  • Asmanave
  • Asmanave is an autonomous organization with its own statutes and developing regional activities in the three Basque provinces. Officially founded in 1976, its financial resources come mainly from the contributions of its partners.


    Asociación Profesional de Ingenieros Marinos

    C/ Luzarra 16 - 3 Dpto. 6. 48014 Bilbao
    Phone: 94 447 74 26 - 688 81 85 06

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