Asmanave - Objetivos
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The goals of the association are:

  • Marqués de Triano
  • Anselmi
  • Gayarre
  • Montserrat
  • Satrustegui
  • Representation, advocacy and promotion of economic, social, professional and cultural partners.
  • To facilitate the approchement between partners, to unify criteria on the cultural and professional organization of common guidelines to enhance the development of the profession.
  • Schedule and organize educational efforts to promote cultural and professional application.
  • Providing premises for various activities planned.
  • To convene regular meetings between partners and related entities with professional application techniques. Organization of a social-technical library, conferences, symposia and other activities that contribute to the prestige of the exercise of the profession.
  • To participate in the consultative organizations and assist in the sectoral and territorial levels.
  • Provide job partners related to the profession at sea and ashore.
  • It is a primary object of the association the humanitarian cooperation with authorities, public and private agencies in an emergency or calamity.


  • Asmanave
  • Asmanave is an autonomous organization with its own statutes and developing regional activities in the three Basque provinces. Officially founded in 1976, its financial resources come mainly from the contributions of its partners.


    Asociación Profesional de Ingenieros Marinos

    C/ Luzarra 16 - 3 Dpto. 6. 48014 Bilbao
    Phone: 94 447 74 26 - 688 81 85 06